Protecting your oral health and smile is our priority. We have equipped our practice to offer a full menu of general dentistry services, ranging from routine dental cleanings and gum disease treatments to root canals and fillings. We also offer the following services to meet your dental needs.

Same Day Crowns:  We understand life is busy. Keeping this in mind, we offer same day crowns using the Cerec CAD/CAM system, eliminating the need for two separate dental visits to complete a crown. Dental Crowns are a great solution that restore the tooth when they get weak, break, or fracture, alleviating any pain you might be experiencing.

A bridge, much like a crown, is a great solution to restore one or more teeth by replacing the missing tooth and using surrounding teeth to form a bridge that offers stability and the same look and feel as your real teeth.

In Office Whitening:

Using the ZOOM system, we offer in office whitening for those who don’t have several weeks to work on getting that bright beautiful smile.

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Sedation Dentistry:  We care about you! Your comfort is our priority. We will explain all available treatment options available to you. With Oral Conscious Sedation, we are able to complete many procedures, from restorations, root canals and crowns, while patients remain comfortable and relaxed, alleviating the anxiety and stress that some people may feel during dental procedures. If you would like sedation during your treatment, Dr Judd will consult with you to will review your health history, including current medications and habits including alcohol consumption and tobacco use. We take all factors into careful consideration when planning for your treatment.

We also provide nitrous oxide (laughing gas) as an option for your comfort. This safe and easy sedation option can be especially helpful for children and adolescents who may experience dental anxiety.

Implant Restoration:  When other treatments are not an option and teeth are lost, an implant can replace a missing tooth without compromising the teeth surrounding. We are happy to restore dental implants with crowns, bridges and snap on dentures.

Tooth Extraction: Sometimes a root canal or other restorative procedure cannot save a tooth that is, too severely decayed, damaged, or badly infected and a tooth extraction may be in the best interest of your oral health. Dr Judd is highly skilled in extraction procedures. With his extraction techniques and oral conscious sedation options, patients can remain relaxed and comfortable throughout their tooth extraction appointment. We understand that losing a tooth is not an ideal situation. However, if we suggest tooth removal, you can trust that it is necessary to protect your oral health and eliminate your discomfort. Following your extraction, we will review your options for tooth replacement to ensure that your smile appearance and chewing function is properly restored.

Root Canal: Having persistent pain in one area? Swelling? It is possible you may need a root canal. Despite the negative reputation associated with root canal treatment, they’re actually one of the best ways to relieve pain and swelling caused by infection or a deep cavity. Without treatment, you would ultimately lose the tooth. Dr Judd may save your tooth by simply removing infected or damaged tissue and nerves, then carefully cleaning and sealing to protect it from bacteria. We have found root canals are no more uncomfortable than any other restorative procedure — and we offer several options that can put you in a relaxed, comfortable state while we perform this simple procedure.

When it comes to your Routine Checkups and preventative care, we are committed to excellence. A healthy mouth, helps you avoid costly treatments and uncomfortable symptoms that can have a negative effect on your overall health. Regular cleanings and checkups allows us to diagnose tooth and gum problems at their earliest stages. This means more conservative and more effective treatment options for our valued patients.