Martin Woldson Theater At The Fox

In the heart of Spokane, Washington, there is a historical landmark called the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox. This magnificent art-deco theater, which was constructed in 1931, was initially intended to be a movie palace but has since been transformed into a top-tier performing arts center. Martin Woldson, a well-known businessman and philanthropist who contributed millions of dollars to the theater’s restoration, is honored by having the theater bear his name.

The Spokane Symphony currently resides in the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox, which also hosts a number of performances throughout the year, including Broadway shows, concerts, dance performances, and comedic performances. The theater is a true jewel of the Spokane arts scene with its elaborate architectural features and cutting-edge sound and lighting systems.

Intricate plasterwork, elegant columns, and a grand lobby with a magnificent chandelier are just a few of the art-deco features found inside the theater. Over 1,600 people can sit in the theater, which has a large stage with a proscenium arch and an orchestra pit that can hold up to 80 musicians. A hydraulic lift that can raise and lower the stage, as well as cutting-edge sound and lighting systems, are just a few of the theater’s numerous cutting-edge technical amenities.

The Spokane Symphony, which has made the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox its home since 2007, is perhaps best known for its connection to the theater. The symphony, one of the oldest and most prestigious orchestras in the Pacific Northwest, was established in 1945. The symphony presents a full season of concerts each year, ranging from classical masterworks to pops and family concerts, under the direction of music director James Lowe.

The Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox presents a number of other performances throughout the year in addition to the symphony. The Lion King, Wicked, and Les Misérables are just a few of the recent Broadway productions that have garnered a lot of interest at the theater. Other musical and theatrical productions, dance shows, and comedic acts are all presented at the theater.

The Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox’s dedication to civic engagement and education is one of its distinctive features. For students of all ages, the theater provides a range of educational programs, such as workshops, master classes, and pre-concert lectures. The theater also hosts a variety of community events all year long, such as free concerts, movie screenings, and other unique occasions.

The Fox’s Martin Woldson Theater is a well-liked location for private events like weddings, business gatherings, and other unique occasions. The theater’s opulent ballroom and grand lobby make a stunning backdrop for any event, and its knowledgeable event staff can assist with organizing every last detail, from catering to audiovisual equipment.

All things considered, the Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox is a genuine cultural gem of the Spokane neighborhood. It is a special and one-of-a-kind destination for anyone interested in the performing arts due to its stunning art-deco design, cutting-edge technological features, and dedication to community engagement. The Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox is sure to make an impression, regardless of whether you’ve been a lifelong fan of the Spokane Symphony or are just looking to spend an evening at the theater.

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